The Spark Full Titanium Racing Exhaust w/ UpMap for the WSBK Ducati Panigale V4 S/R

The Spark Full Titanium Racing Exhaust w/ UpMap for the WSBK Ducati Panigale V4 S/R

Posted by MOTO-D on 19th Jun 2019

Direct from World Superbike racing with Team Go Eleven, the new full titanium Ducati V4R exhaust system from Spark Exhaust Technologies is available for sale on a limited production basis.

As used by Eugene Laverty, the Spark exhaust helped produce an output of over 250 horsepower.

#3 of 4 total World Superbike Ducati V4R Replica Exhausts in stock for North American racers from

Eugene Laverty with Spark's Technical department working on the WSBK Exhaust.

Spark designed the exhaust in collaboration with the University of Modena "Enzo Ferrari" Engineering Department which helped create a multitude of simulations required to find the exhaust design yielding the utmost power output and performance.

It's light as a feather using aerospace grade titanium and special alloys with a total weight including all mounting hardware of only 8.04 lbs.

In order to harness the power, the Spark WSBK Replica V4R Exhaust includes a Powergate3+ OBD Programmer with custom ECU map. Using the Spark Ducati performance tuning programmer you can program the main control unit (ECU) + the secondary unit (BBS) which allows for management of the electronic transmission and traction control. 

Computer 3D drawings of the titanium exhaust system show in detail the countless hours of research and design that went into creating the optimal shapes.

State of the Art Manufacturing Facility makes the top Exhaust for WSBK and The World!

Each titanium exhaust piece was welded using the latest technologies and the system includes a carbon fiber heat shield.

The fit and finish of the exhaust is unlike anything you have ever seen, it is beautiful and a technological marvel.

Team Go Eleven evaluated and chose the Spark exhaust that was dyno proven and confirmed as the most powerful V4R exhaust for the Ducati superbike even over other offerings from Akrapovic and Termignoni.

Even the hardware and mounting brackets received special attention to design and look.

The V4R Ducati exhaust features two "Grid-O" style titanium silencers with mesh screens.

The R&D by Spark allowed power output on the V4R to exceed 200 miles per hour (323 km/h) in testing by Laverty at the Motorland of Aragon.

Spark Italy Exhaust Technologies is the child of Vecchi SRL a company certified ISO 9001:2008 and specialized in the production of high performance exhaust systems for more than 40 years.

Exclusively distributed in North America by MOTO-D. For additional information, visit Spark Titanium Exhausts  ( click here )

The Spark Family in Mantua, Italy

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