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MOTO-D Pro-Series and Trackday Pro motorcycle tire warmers provide consistent, even heating so you can get the maximum performance from your sportbike tires at your next race or track day. They also use carbon wire for faster, more efficient heating and greater durability, including resistance to bending or twisting. That's why MOTO-D can offer a two-year "no hassle" warranty on our tire warmers that's the best in the industry.

  • Race Ready Single Temp Tire Warmers.
  • Carbon Heating Technology 185'F @ 750 Watts
  • Race Ready Dual Temp Tire Warmers
  • Carbon Heating Technology 185'F @ 750 Watts + Neoprene Skirts
  • Trackday Ready Single Temp Tire Warmers
  • Spandex Side-Skirts 175'F @ 975 Watts
  • Race Ready for Pitbikes like Honda Grom & Kawasaki Z125
  • Carbon Heating Technology 185'F @ 750 Watts + Spandex Skirts
  • Be Race Ready on Windy Days
  • Polar Fleece Wraps the Tire Rim
  • Keep your Investment Dry and Protected
  • Zippered Tire Warmer Carry Case

Heat The RIM, Not Just The Tire

What good is a tire warmer which let's all the heat escape? It might make you feel good when touching the outside of the warmer but your tires are not getting what they need to perform at their best. MOTO-D "Pro-Series" Tire Warmers use premium fire-retardant insulation with a heat reflective thermal foil liner to keep the heat inside. For this reason, MOTO-D "Pro-Series" Tire Warmers just don't heat faster than others but also evenly to the tire sidewall edge (which is where you need the maximum grip).

"No Hassle" Two (2) Year USA Warranty*

Two (2) Year "No Hassle" USA Warranty included, if they fail due to a manufacturing defect we repair or replace, if they fail because YOU left them on and accidently burnt them out (user negligence), we repair or replace them*. "Pro-Series" Tire Warmers have the Best Warranty in the Industry.
Professional Grade Carrying Case Professional Grade Carrying Case 185°F (85°C) HOT Thermal Reflective Liner Carbon Wire Technology Carbon Wire Technology - 185'F (85'C) HOT
Unlike other tire warmers which use soft copper wiring which becomes brittle when hot and quickly deteriorates, "Pro-Series" Warmers use Carbon Wiring which can be twisted or crushed without failure.

MOTO-D "Pro-Series" Motorcycle Tire Warmers 1) Heat the Tire Internally to the Rim, 2) Heat Faster using Carbon Wire, 3) Include a Zippered EVA Carry Case, and 4) Feature a Two (2) Year "No Hassle" USA Warranty. When you add it all up it's the smartest tire warmer investment on the market. Used by Top Rides in MotoAmerica, CCS, WERA, KTM Redbull Rookies Cup, Macau GP, and Top Trackday Organizations including Team Promotion, 2WTD, New York Safety Track, Legacy Trackdays and more.

Choose from single-temperature tire warmers at 175, 185 or 199 degrees Fahrenheit, or step up to the Pro-Series Digital Tire Warmers. These advanced tire warmers include a full-color TFT touchscreen display that allows you to control the temperature of the front and rear tires independently in a range of 100 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. The advanced Digital Tire Warmers come with an even longer three-year warranty.

MOTO-D Pro-Series motorcycle tire warmers use fire-retardant insulation and a thermal foil liner that reflects heat to ensure that the heat seeps into your tires where you need it, instead of escaping into the air. That makes all the difference when you charge into turn one, counting on maximum grip from your tires. Some versions also have side skirts to help retain heat. For windy or cold days, we also have the Pro-Series Tire Warmer Wraps. These fleece covers completely encase the wheel and tire, ensuring that the tire heats up faster and the heat stays inside where you need it. These fleece covers are also handy for protecting your bike in off-season storage.

MOTO-D motorcycle tire warmers are available in common sport sizes to fit 120-section front tires and rear tires ranging in width from 180mm to 200mm.

Tire warmers are a must for race day to ensure your tires are at the optimum temperature the engineers designed them for. Tire warmers can even extend the life of Trackday tires by reducing the number of heat cycles your expensive sport tires are exposed to. Get the maximum grip and consistent performance from your tires by using the MOTO-D Pro-Series or Trackday Pro motorcycle tire warmers.