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ThyssenKrup Aprilia RSV4 Carbon Fiber Wheels (2009+)

  • ThyssenKrup Aprilia RSV4 Carbon Fiber Wheels
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  • ThyssenKrup Carbon Fiber Wheels Sportbike Rims
  • ThyssenKrup Carbon Fiber Wheels

ThyssenKrup Aprilia RSV4 Carbon Fiber Wheels (2009+)

SKU: TK-CC-11123-S2

Item Details

Made in Germany, ThyssenKrupp Carbon Fiber Rims are produced using a revolutionary process called carbon braiding. The patented manufacturing process shuns the established pre-preg technique (carbon fiber is impregnated with resin, laid in a mold and then placed in a high-pressure autoclave to cure) instead the wheel is seamlessly woven like a fine cloth by a state-of-the-art circular robot (standing nearly 30 feet tall). Each wheel is checked by an X-Ray machine for strutural integrity and 200 images of each wheel are taken at different points and then scanned by AI-software for compliance. Less Rotating Mass, Improved Acceleration and Reduced Gyroscopic Force for Sharper Handling.



  • Style 1 seamless braided rim barrel:
    • for maximum weight reduction
    • for highest safety
  • Undercut spoke connection for extreme damage tolerance
  • Foam filled hollow spokes for maximum vibration damping
  • Plug & Play: all mounting hardware included
  • Includes 11.3mm valve stems (mounted)
  • Uses OEM sprocket and carrier
  • Anodized CNC machined aluminum inserts
  • Max operating tempetaure 140°C / 284°F 
  • Safe for use with tire warmers
  • Road Legal in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Dimensions / Max Static Loads:
    • Front (3.5x17" / 399 lbs)
    • Rear (6.0x17 / 630-672 lbs)
  • Weight:
    • Front 4.2 lbs (avg)
    • Rear 6.4 lbs (avg)
  • 100% Factory QC
  • Made in Germany
  • Two Year (2) Limited Warranty

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