Dainese Axial D1 Replica Valentino Motorcycle Race Boots

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Dainese Axial D1 Replica Valentino Motorcycle Race Boots

Dainese Motorcycle Boots

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DESIGNED TO BE WORN UNDER THE LEATHERS, Axial D1 is the most advanced Dainese racing boot, the same one that MotoGP riders race in with the Valentino Rossi style.

Its IN construction, designed for wearing the boot under the suit, allows for optimal integration between suit and boot for a safer, more tapered, and lighter whole. Velcro panels ensure that the garments join perfectly for greater protection against unwanted twisting of the ankle.

Axial Distortion Control System is incorporated into the boot, an ankle movement brace consisting of a jointed carbon fiber structure that joins the inner boot liner to the shin protector. Axial Distortion Control System allows the joint to move as needed for riding a motorbike, but prevents any potentially harmful twisting or overextension.

The rubber sole has been specially designed to ensure the best grip on the foot pegs in all conditions, while its compound is designed to offer maximum resistance to abrasion.





The Axial Distortion Control System for feet works thanks to an articulated structure integrated into the boot that serves a triple purpose: it protects against sprains, it reduces intensity of impact by distributing it over the structure‘s entire surface, and it stops objects from entering the shoe.


Suit To Boot Fastening System is an exclusive Dainese patent. This technology allows for the boots to be worn under a dedicated suit. It has been developed to guarantee the best level of safety, as it reduces the number of garment parts that might get caught in the motorcycle during a fall. The technology also ensures better aerodynamics and comfort thanks to the reduction of the boots‘ volume and the increased adherence of the rider‘s leg to the vehicle.



The use of metal inserts made of titanium, steel, aluminum or special alloys offers greater abrasion resistance in the joint areas of the body, reduces the risk of dangerous twists and/or tumbling during a fall, and distributes impact force over a wider surface area.


An innovative high-tech fabric, Dainese 3D Stone is made of 100% high-tenacity nylon in a special chunky three-dimensional weave that creates micro air-pockets. These retard abrasion by generating outstanding mechanical strength, which reaches even higher levels thanks to a polyurethane resin finish that provided abrasion resistance for up to 8 seconds during EN 13595-2 tests.


Microfiber is a non-woven fabric in polyurethane and polyamide that boasts exceptional resistance to wear, tear, and shear. This particular product is also distinguished by its softness, flexibility, light weight and water-repellent properties.



Elasticated inserts positioned in the most strategic locations that improve the garment’s capacity for adaptation to the body as it changes shape and moves while riding.

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